Innovative cork stoppers that guarantee the perfect conservation of your wine.

Who we are

We are a company based in Treviso, in the North of Italy. We produce innovative technical cork stoppers that are able to solve every organoleptic deviation.

Our Cork Stoppers

Cork Stopper for Sparkling Wine (TPS)

Suitable cork for Sparkling Wine. It was created from the innovative fusion between nature (cork) and new technologies application (F.D.A. and CSI certified alimentary elastomer).

Cork Stopper for Still, Fizzy and Sparkling Wine (MGF)

Suitable cork for Still, Fizzy and Sparkling Wine. It comes from a new concept of production and assembly of the cork stopper, through an advanced thermofusion process.

Greencork Headquarters

Via Indipendenza, 1, 31027 Spresiano TV, Italy

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